The Athlete’s Temple is an opportunity for athlete’s to maximize their full potential and gain a competitive edge over the competition. Sports today are more competitive than ever, those wanting to excel must find advanced training techniques to build their mental and physical games. Yoga is a tool that is proven to help athletes hone their greatest potential… -Increase integrative body awareness, flexibility, stability, and mobility -Breathing biomechanics for sharpening mental clarity and focus, also reducing performance anxiety and stress -Enhance accuracy, balance, and endurance through improved proprioception -Build strength and optimal functioning of muscles, joints, ligaments and integrative core power -Prevent injuries and aid in rehabilitation and rejuvenation -Overall well-being Athletes Temple tailors your training program to the specific needs of the team or individual. Workouts can range from physically intense strength training in the off-season, to restorative stretching and mental relaxation during season. Whatever your needs, Athletes temple can help practitioners to reach their athletic goals. "Asanas have an effect not only on our body, but also on our breath, mind, emotions, awareness and intelligence. In order to succeed professionally in any sport, one needs to by physically fit, mentally alert, technically skilled, resistant to injuries and emotionally strong." BKS IYENGAR